Vocollect Introduces New Light Industrial Voice Solution

PITTSBURGH (July 28) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, today announced the market availability of its new light industrial wearable voice solution that offers voice-only, voice-directed workflow capabilities for use in distribution centers (DCs) and warehouse operations seeking to significantly improve productivity and accuracy in selection, cycle-counting and other workflows. This offering provides strong performance, with exceptional ergonomics and speech recognition accuracy along with an attractive return on investment and payback period.

The new Vocollect light industrial voice solution is based on the new Talkman T1 and SL-4 headset, used in conjunction with the Vocollect TaskBuilder software platform. By leveraging this software platform, customers gain critical process improvements that deliver double-digit gains in productivity and performance across multiple distribution workflows. The TaskBuilder platform is integrated with many leading WMS solutions, enabling customers to benefit from a large installed base of voice application software, reducing implementation costs and time. 

The T1 is a voice-only, purpose-built solution that conforms to less stringent environmental specifications and drop-test specifications (similar to a common handheld barcode scanner and terminal). Unlike its more rugged and robust Vocollect Talkman T2x, T5 and T5m predecessors that support multi-function workflows and a range of peripherals like barcode scanners and printers, the T1 is more than 80 percent smaller than leading handhelds and half the size of other competitive wearable devices for distribution activities.  As a simple illustration of its compact size, the T1 is roughly twice the size of a BlackBerry, making it easy to use and wear.

Ergonomics are further optimized through the lightweight, behind-the-head specifically-designed companion headset, the SL-4.

“We are using the new Talkman T1 mobile voice appliance with Vocollect’s new SL-4 headset for picking and put-away in our facility, and our associates have found it to be a winning combination of quality performance and strong ergonomics,” said Steve Caruso, director of operations with Coastal Pet Products, the world’s largest pet collar and lead manufacturer.  “This device and comfortable headset solution is ideal for our type of business and distribution environment,” he said.  “It is good to know that Vocollect offers us a range of options, from highly rugged to light industrial, so that we can match the solution to the workflow and the workers,” said Caruso.

With this newest offering from Vocollect, now DC/warehouse operations with light-industrial, voice-only requirements can access Vocollect’s industry-leading speech recognition quality and attain increased productivity, accuracy and worker satisfaction through voice. The combined solution of the T1 mobile appliance with the new lightweight Vocollect SL-4 headset is ideal for customer-facing employees performing distribution tasks through voice, such as working in stockrooms and performing inventory-checking activities in retail establishments. 

“Our new light industrial voice solution represents the second building block for establishing our vision of the voice-centric warehouse that we announced earlier this year.  Providing a wider range of mobile worker solutions is just one step in our strategy to expand the implementation of voice-directed workflows and improve overall distribution operations performance,” said Joe Pajer, chief operating officer of Vocollect, Inc. and president of its Supply Chain Solutions division.

Commercially available this September, the Vocollect light industrial voice solution supports 36 languages. It is initially being introduced in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, with expanded availability planned for select Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions in 2011. For more information, visit www.vocollect.com or call 412.349.2515.


About Vocollect
Vocollect, Inc. is the number one provider of voice solutions for mobile workers worldwide, helping customers achieve a higher level of business performance through voice. Every day Vocollect enables over 300,000 workers worldwide to distribute more than $3 billion dollars’ worth of goods from distribution centers and warehouses to customer locations. A global team of over 2,000 supply chain reseller and channel partner experts supports Vocollect Voice offerings in 60 countries and in 36 languages. Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite integrates with all major WMS and ERP systems, including solutions from SAP AG, and supports the industry’s leading mobile computing devices.
For more information, visit www.vocollect.com

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