Vocollect Enhances Industrial Wearable Solution to Drive Voice-Enabled Warehouse Era

PITTSBURGH (June 30) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, today announced continuing enhancements to its industrial wearable voice solution that further enable the emerging era of voice-enabled warehouses and distribution centers (DCs). These latest enhancements support voice-centric operations for Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific customers, while improving management capability and expanding the range of headsets offered for all Vocollect customers. Vocollect’s enhanced industrial wearable solution extends the ability of DCs and warehouses worldwide to implement voice-centric operations and achieve significant business benefits, including double-digit gains in productivity and accuracy. 

“We’ve been using Vocollect’s industrial wearable solution in our warehouse operations for five years for selection, letdown, put-away and receiving, and we’ve experienced growth and success. For us, Vocollect’s vision of the voice-enabled warehouse as the starting point for workflow planning makes total sense,” says Michael Lindley, Director of IT with Affiliated Foods, Inc. in Amarillo, Texas.

With $1.4 billion in sales, Affiliated Foods, Inc. serves more than 840 grocery, convenience stores and chains across seven states.  The 60-year-old company’s 175 tractors haul grocery, produce, meats, bread and dairy products from a 1.3 million square foot warehouse.

Results the company has experienced to date:

Productivity – Moved from three shifts to two
Accuracy – Increased from low 90’s to 98+
Safety – Reduced aisle congestion
Training Time – Reduced from four days to a matter of hours
Worker Satisfaction – Workers love voice and they won’t go back to the old methods
Customer Satisfaction – Stores are pleased with increases in accuracy
Strong Increased Profitability
ROI – With the implementation done in four phases, ROI was reached in seven months on the first phase, and in a much shorter timeframe with the remaining phases
“Vocollect has helped us address key business issues in all phases of our warehouse operation. With the old paper/label method of doing selection, we had more congestion in the aisles, more damaged product, and more accidents,” says Lindley. “Our retailers tell us that, with the Vocollect system, they have better accuracy of orders, less damage, and more on-time deliveries,” he says.

“With Vocollect, our accuracy is better, our service level is better, our employee turnover is down, and the employees are happier,” asserts Affiliated Foods Chief Financial Officer Tammie Coffee.

To sustain its market leadership role in delivering the best in speech recognition, ergonomics and business results to multiple industries worldwide, Vocollect’s integrated industrial wearable voice solution is based on the combination of the Talkman T2x, T5 or T5m wearable voice appliance, SR or SRX series headsets, and a suite of supporting software. The newest capabilities include:

Regional Expansion via VoiceClient 3.7:  Extensions to Vocollect’s unparalleled speech recognition and language functionality aid multi-lingual distribution environments and multi-country deployments.  New language support includes Romanian, Slovak, Cantonese, Czech, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Mandarin for PRC, Mandarin for Taiwan, Turkish and Thai, along with enhancements to many other supported languages.  This brings the total languages that Vocollect currently supports to 36.
Additional Operations Productivity and IT flexibility via VoiceConsole 3.2:  Enhancements include a database-free version along with expanded platform support to give IT practitioners more options in the implementation of voice and device management in the DC/warehouse. Further, a new battery asset capability helps to optimize and extend the life of device batteries by noting changes on an information display, enabling supervisors to quickly weed out aging, underperforming batteries. This increases overall productivity and reduces downtime.
Additional Headset Options via the new SL-14 headset:  This new, light industrial, behind-the-head headset is ideal for customers seeking a solution in high/seasonal turnover and less industrialized (non-freezer/less rugged) environments. The new headset features strong ergonomic benefits, with a lightweight and flexible design to accommodate diverse working styles, along with the same industry-leading speech recognition technology.
“Thousands of companies such as Affiliated Foods have enjoyed great success with the core offerings in our industrial wearable solution for mobile workers. This enhanced solution is one of five we are launching this year to help customers realize the full benefits of the voice-enabled warehouse,” says Joe Pajer, chief operating officer of Vocollect, Inc. and president of its Supply Chain Solutions division.

For more information about Vocollect’s industrial wearable voice solution, visit www.vocollect.com or call 412.349.2515.


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Vocollect, Inc. is the number one provider of voice solutions for mobile workers worldwide, helping customers achieve a higher level of business performance through voice. Every day Vocollect enables over 250,000 workers worldwide to distribute more than $2 billion dollars’ worth of goods from distribution centers and warehouses to customer locations. A global team of over 2,000 supply chain reseller and channel partner experts supports Vocollect Voice offerings in 60 countries and in 36 languages. Vocollect VoiceWorld Suite integrates with all major WMS and ERP systems, including solutions from SAP AG, and supports the industry’s leading mobile computing devices. For more information, visit www.vocollect.com.

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