Bookpoint Follows Sister Company and Picks Voice

14 September 2009: Following the success of its voice-directed order picking solution at Littlehampton Book Services (LBS) last year a second company within the Hachette Group (HLUK), Bookpoint, is to install voice technology from VoiteQ, which incorporates a voice-directed work solution from Vocollect. The decision to extend the use of voice picking within the HLUK group follows LBS’ success at achieving a 95% reduction in errors and realising ROI in less than six months.

The first phase of the implementation focuses on one specific contract with an educational book publisher, a very complex pick of books stored in ‘library style’ (books on shelves on their ends), picked by shelf and then by individual book.

The second phase will involve the implementation across the entire Bookpoint business, including the remainder of stock in the library format. Similar to the LBS implementation, Bookpoint will utilise VoiteQ’s VoiceMan middleware and Vocollect wearable computers.

This solution will replace Bookpoint’s existing paper-based picking with description based picking on conveyors. The operator is directed to the appropriate book and confirms their selection by stating the last digits of the book’s ISBN code. Once the selection is verified the system states the quantity of the specific book that is required.

Graham Money, General Manager, Bookpoint said, “With this implementation we were confident of the benefits that voice could provide, due to the similarities in the solution required for both Littlehampton Book Services and Bookpoint. The increase in accuracy was again key to the success of this project, and we are confident we will repeat the success achieved in Littlehampton Book Services where we have managed to increase our pick rate on this very complex library style pick to 80 lines per man hour, purely due to the productivity gain that voice has produced.”

Voice consistently delivers on its promises. Not only does it increase the efficiency and accuracy of product picking in pressurised warehouse environments, its benefits multiply along the supply chain. With retail competition high, and product and distribution costs even higher, it is imperative that there is no error or delay in getting products to the consumer.

VoiteQ’s VoiceMan middleware interfaces between the Vocollect Talkman T5 wearable computer and Bookpoint’s existing VISTA system. Operatives can work completely hands and eyes free. They receive picking commands from the WMS (Warehouse Management System) to a plug-in headset and the computer. The system then talks the operative through their task. The voice-directed application not only typically delivers accuracy levels exceeding 99.9%, but also increases visibility across the operation.

Money concluded, “The partnership approach that VoiteQ took at Littlehampton worked really well for us, and I’m pleased to be able to work with the team again at Bookpoint. The knowledge and experience of the team ensures the implementation runs smoothly.”


About Bookpoint
Part of the Hachette Group (HLUK), Bookpoint is one of the leading book distributors throughout the UK. Founded in 1973, Bookpoint has been supplying businesses for more than 30 years delivering an efficient, high quality service to the book industry.

Primarily, Bookpoint distributes on behalf of publishing divisions of the HLUK, but also for a number of third party client publishers.

Bookpoint is a HLUK Company.

About VoiteQ
VoiteQ provides industry leading voice directed solutions enabling hands-free and eyes-free warehouse picking, resulting in a smoother, more continuous operation, increasing productivity and accuracy.

VoiteQ is the UK’s leading supplier of voice directed distribution systems, having supplied hardware, software, services or support to the majority of UK warehouses which have voice implementations.

VoiteQ supplies fully integrated retail solutions which incorporate Business Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, and EPoS systems, as well as VoiceMan, the UK’s leading middleware software for voice solutions.

About Vocollect
Since 1987, Vocollect, Inc. has delivered proven performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost reduction and job satisfaction for mobile employees. Vocollect Voice literally talks people through their daily tasks, replacing cumbersome lists and traditional data capture methods with hands-free, personal voice dialogs. Through a premier global network of resellers and supply chain performance experts, hundreds of thousands of people on six continents use Vocollect Voice to improve work every day. Vocollect is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A., and supports its clients and resellers through offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Vocollect®, Vocollect Voice®, and Voice-Directed Work® are trademarks of Vocollect, Inc. All rights reserved.

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